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Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 7.39.53 AMHe is a graduate of KABATAS ERKEK LISESI. He obtained a MSc. Degree in industrial materials in ceramics from UNIVERSITY OF ISTANBUL – when he was working in ECZACIBASI Industrials Materials Co. He also has a Post- Graduate Degree in Business Administration from MARMARA & MAINE UNIVERSITY. Following a twenty-one years of professional career in Eczacibasi Holding and advertising sector, Hakan Senbir started to give consultancies on Brand Strategies. During his journey around brands, he worked with major clients including Procter & Gamble, Turkcell, Koc Holding, Sabanci Holding, Ulker, Tansas, Roche and Ziraat Bank. His “Final Cut” in advertising business is Turkish Airline’s “Feel Like a Star” campaign with Kevin Costner. Hakan Senbir is the founder of Turkey’s the first local strategy planning model, the ‘GUIDEFISH’, first created in 2000 during his years in advertising sector. Since the beginning of 2009, he has been providing consultancy services to the brands with the strategy model named ‘MUST’, which he originally created. He is also the founder of the World’s first digital strategy planning model, the ‘DEEP’ (Digital Effectiveness & Efficiency Plan) Since 1999, Hakan Senbir has been lecturing in Yeditepe University on Consumer Behaviors, Advertising and Creative Thinking in Lateral Base. He is an author and has 3 books: The Queen of the Cities (2003), Is Z the last man? (2004) and Strategy (2009). He is also one of the co-writers of the book named Naked History of Turkey (2004). He is currently working on his new book named “The immortal cat Mimbolas” which to be published in the middle of 2010. He is in love with his family, daughter, Pink Floyd, guitar and Galatasaray.

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