Gulls in Istanbul photo from the ferry

Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul:

Istanbul is The City of Different Sounds.

(Picture: Boat and seagulls in Marmara Sea)

The heterogeneous character of Istanbul appears the best in its sound. The voice of the sea, the voice of the people, the voice of the “Azan” (which is an Islamic call to prayer realized by the muezzin five times a day from mosque minarets), the voice of joy in the restaurants, the voice of boats on the Bosphorus and Marmara Sea, the voice of seagulls, voice of the shop owners, fishermen, street sellers etc. merge to each other and the sound of Istanbul is best suited to everyone who seeks something agile.

N.B. Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul will continue… The 12th and Final Blink is soon.



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