Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul:

Tea and Tower

Istanbul is The City of Taste

As an historical reality, best food from every corner of the Ottoman Empire were unleashed to its’ capital, Istanbul. This is an imperial aspect that Istanbul became such a capital having a great range of cuisine from Middle Europe to Balkans, from Caucasia to Middle East and North Africa. So many different tastes, from Bosnian patty to Greek originated filled pepper, from Aleppo originated baklava to Anatolian dried fruit pulp, from mezzes of Middle East to Mediterranean fish meals, met in Istanbul.

Traditional Turkish bagel simit in a female hand on the backgrou

That is why, Istanbul is The Queen of the Cities where everyone from all over the world could find something for herself or himself and never regret the experience that Istanbul offered her or him. So, we can easily call Istanbul “Delightland” where you can find the best food and beverage of the old Turkish imperial circle of nearly fifteen millions kilometre square.

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This heritage actually has been a historical fusion that referred to diverse cuisines, now again is in a harmony with the world cuisines as a modern fusion in Istanbul. That is why, eating is a ceremony in İstanbul where differentiates from its’ counterparts with its’ diversified cuisine, great hospitality that ends up with a great experience.

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