The Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul:

Istanbul is The City of Genius: Istanbul’s heritage offers many aspects to branding world. One of them is “The Genius” and as a symbol of it, the Great Architect Sinan of the Ottoman time. The Ottoman Turks ruled a country of nearly fifteen million kilometers square in their peak time that Architect Sinan lived. So, not only was the Suleyman The 1st was magnificent, but also Architect Sinan was. The time that Architect Sinan lived (AD 1489 – 1588) was called a magnificent century in Ottoman Empire time in terms of the mightiness of the state. The state annexed many countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North Africa and reached a ruling land which is over fifteen million kilometres square and the wealth of the state, of course, mostly was felt in the capital city, Istanbul. Architect Sinan was there at that moment and created his masterpieces for Istanbul. Architect Sinan reflected the genius side of Istanbul as Tony Buzan and Raymond Keenes mentioned about him over his genius in their book named “Book of Genius and How to Unleash Your Own.”

I do believe Architect Sinan is a great figure for Istanbul as it was the capital city of Ottoman Turks’ most powerful time. Architect Sinan is known with his empiric studies, unique math behind his achievements, his aesthetic understanding, durability in his works, discipline and duration of his life as he passed away when he was ninety nine years old. In a nutshell, we can say Architect Sinan means many things for Istanbul as Leonardo da Vinci does for Florence. Architect Sinan created splendid masterpieces in Istanbul, primarily Suleymaniye Mosque as the largest mosque of Istanbul that is better known as the mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent and was built within 7 years between 1550-1557 AD.  It stands on a hilltop dominating the Golden Horn. Sinan built this mosque as a complex including a hospital, hospice, kitchen, library, hamam and shops as one of the best examples of Ottoman architecture in Istanbul.

Consequently, Architect Sinan is the strongest brand association of Istanbul in terms of its’ differentiated aspect of genius.

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