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(Picture: A Gravure of Hypodrom of Connstantinopoli Where The Nika Rebellion started from.)

Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul:

Istanbul is The City of Inspiration: Would you imagine that nearly one thousand and five hundred years ago, people of Constantinople, rebelled against the Emperor and Empress by shouting out a very well known brand name of today. The rebels of Constantinople protested The Emperor Justinianos I and The Empress Teodora in the year A.D. 532 for their misruling the Eastern Roman Empire. According to the rebels, The Emperor and The Empress were governing the empire very badly and they were also in an unfair and inefficient conduct of the affairs of Constantinople too. The rebels shout out “Nike, Nike, Nike” meaning “Victory” in old Greek as this word refers to the The Goddess of Victory “Nike” in Greek mythology. “Nike” The Goddess of Victory in Greek mythology was chosen by the sport brand Nike as we know it. So, Nike brand name had been echoed in the streets of Istanbul nearly one thousand and five hundred years ago, with the same meaning: The Goddess of Victory. The main characteristic of the Goddess of Victory is that she runs very fast and this attribute fits very well to the Nike brand. To imagine the rebels running fast and screaming “Nike, Nike, Nike” in the year A.D. 532 in the streets of Istanbul, is a great feeling for any brand expert who has a connection with Istanbul. This story is significantly related with Istanbul and a global name that is the 17th brand according to the latest Interbrand global ranking list with more than $ 30 billion brand value. I do believe this is a stunning event that has never been told so far and has potential to be unique branding activity to be held in Istanbul only.

N.B. Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul will continue… The 5th Blink is tomorrow.


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