Ayasofya in Istanbul

(Picture: The Great Saint Sophia where the dual character of Istanbul appears perfectly.)

Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul:

Istanbul is The City of Duality: Istanbul has many kind of dualities in its’ core essence such as West and East, Christianity and Islam, melancholy and joy, wealth and poverty, system and complexity. Most probably, Saint Sophia is the well-known form of this “Duality” where Christianity and Islam live in one body that said it’s a museum now. You can see easily wealth and poverty in everywhere by the matchless Bosphorus. Joy and melancholy, system and complexity can be seen hand by hand nearly in every corner of Istanbul. West and East penetrates to each other in the concept of “Istanbul”. The most significant indicator of this is Istanbul where Europe and Asia meet. Two continents come together in Istanbul and this makes Istanbul a unique city which offers a stunning feeling no one can find anywhere all over the world. The most important aspect of this duality is that, it is very much natural and does not convey a touristic marketing approach. This dual character is not hand made by marketers but very much “made in Istanbul” that comes with a strong heritage throughout thousands years. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in his splendid book “East-West Divan” describes The East with it’s poetry and Islam by being far even-handed that the sympathy he feels towards The East can easily be seen. Istanbul, confirms Goethe’s sympathy for The East with its’ particularly open-minded philosophy that has been affected by “It’s Unique Duality”.

N.B. Differentiated Aspects of Istanbul will continue… The 4th Blink is tomorrow.


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